Bittersweet Memories...

...of a salty and sour person

Avi S
Well, this is me, Avi, from Kolkata, India, who rightfully belongs anywhere but where she lives. First thing about me is my name: It's Malavi, pronounced Malvi, but never Mallavi or Malobi. But you can also cal me Mal, or Malsie or Avi, or whatever you feel like.
Next thing: I'm crazy. Absolutely. People think I'm weird 'cause I tend to break social norms, and do my own thing. I think I'm crazy because I think I have schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder. Either ways, I'm a hypochondriac.
I'm in 11th grade, which means I leave school next year, and I find the whole concept freaky:
No more school, only University, no parents, only me, watching out for myself...man, am I ready for this?
My other big crusade is the one against patriotism: You love India, fine, your call. But why do you have to force the stuff down MY throat?
I'm also a rebel in almost all other ways: music, movies,...the works.
But what I really want, I think, deep inside, is to be loved. I don't know why being loved or wanted is so important to me, but I'm starting to suspect borderline personality disorder...
I've recently taken to bitching a lot. I used to hate people who did it, but now it's almost like my vent, you know?

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